Digital ads aren't complicated

But they're easy to get wrong. Done right, digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google can power sales, harvest leads, grow vast audiences, revolutionise your business. For many they become a primary or even sole means of driving substantial returns.

Chimney Stack has been providing paid media services to powerhouse content agencies since 2016. And increasingly it's working with brands, businesses and charities to deliver standout results on campaigns run across social, search and display.

We are forward-thinking, diligent and bespoke. And we'd love to hear about the business or campaign goals you're trying to achieve.

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Chimney Stack has run ads services with budgets small, large and very large on platforms including:





Google Search

Google Display

Doing so, we have generated millions of of pounds of revenue for organisations across the world, through sales, lead generation and discoverability.


Digital content can = money for your business.

But making it pay - really pay - can be a slog if you don't know how.

We've helped major content owners - and smaller ones - get set up for monetisation from content on platforms including YouTube, where the pathway to revenue is very real but sometimes rather bumpy.

From content strategy that delivers for higher RPM markets to actual nuts and bolts alignment of your platforms and ads payment systems, Chimney Stack will help get all those monetisation ducks in a row.

There's no point doing social or digital in a vacuum - helping clients determine what they want their audiences to do, and to what end, is what we do.

Working to a longer-term strategy, with defined goals that operate as the benchmarks for success - is more than just an optional extra. It's critical to sustained excellence.

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We don't just 'do paid'.

We've devised and delivered campaigns for some of the world's largest rightsholders, brands and charities - driving audience growth, data collection, sales and social change through unique creative execution and standout design.

While paid media often powers delivery, a campaign is only as good as its core idea: so a crisp identity, punchy call to action, and crystal clear pathway for users are musts.

Our starting point: your brand, business goals and offer. The end game: increased awareness, significant revenue, meaningful ROI.